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Pregnancy for Dummies

Pregnancy for Dummies
(UK Edition)

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Dad's Guide to Pregnancy For Dummies (UK Edition)

Dad's Guide to Pregnancy For Dummies (UK Edition)

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Over - 50's Mens Health Check

In this volume GP and medical columnist Dr Roger Henderson looks at the crucial areas of health for men over 50, and shows exactly how all men can become more aware - especially in key areas where danger signs and symptoms are easy to miss.

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100 Ways To Live To 100

With the astounding advances in medicine in recent years, the goal of living to100 no longer seems so far-fetched.
This book shows that reaching this target doesn't have to mean long years of infirmity - or giving up the best things in life!
Dr Roger Henderson draws on the latest medical research to describe 100 different ways in which you can greatly improve your chances of a longer and healthier life.
The book is full of invaluable advice in the areas of medicine, diet, lifestyle, natural remedies and the mind, including:

  • Learn the importance of screening for cancers
  • Find out about your blood pressure
  • Don't worship the sun!
  • What's the real truth about the Mediterranean diet?
  • Can a drink (or two) be good for you?
  • Which vitamins can help prolong your life?
  • Does homeopathy work?

It's never too late to change the way you live!

Written in his typically amusing style, Dr Henderson achieves the difficult balance of informing and educating at the same time as entertaining the

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Publisher: Piatkus Books


Stress Beaters

  • Is your relationship in a mess?
  • Are you fighting a losing battle juggling work and home?
  • Can you cope in a crisis?
  • Does your life need direction?

This book gives 100 anti-stress tips that really work, drawn from real-life situations faced by millions of people today.
Instead of the bland advice we have all heard before ("delegate", "relax" etc) this book takes account of situations where perfect solutions are not always possible. The book gives tips that work both in the short and in the long term, such as small private victories (what to do if you can't change everything) to the "mental wall" technique (dealing with bullies). Each tip is amplified by anecdotal accounts of why this tip works in practice.
The book includes: - the top ten tips to revolutionise your life - dealing with bosses, bullies and work overload - crisis management tips - tips for a healthy lifestyle - relationship tips and tips to help personal growth. Described by one journalist as 'the most sensible advice I've ever read in a self-help book', you have nothing to lose but your stress by reading it!

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